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Rapy.GMI gene enzyme factor powder + menstruum
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Rapy.GMI gene enzyme factor powder + menstruum BRAND - Ami.Amen KEY WORD - repair, scar treatment, anti-acne, wound repair, concave skin repair, stretchmark treatment VIAL SIZE - 3ml+3ml (daily care, mesotherapy), 3ml+10ml (dermal matrix therapy) DESCRIPTION - Rapy.GMI is effective on the cells of subcutaneous connective tissue during the wound healing, to balance the cell proliferation, to prevent hyperblastosis, prevention of new tissue fibrosis. Rapy.GMI works on the dermal fibroblasts, to promote the secretion of hyaluronic acid, dermatan sulfate, chondroitin sulfate C, to promote the synthetic of adhesion protein, in order to supply water-soluble materials and electrolyte materials for wound healing. Besides, in order to prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and promote the formation of fibrous tissue. Rapy.GMI acts on the melanocytes, to balance the secretion of melanin, to prevent the formation of black spots scar or white spots scar. Rapy.GMI uses for anti-acne, scar treatment, stretchmarks treatment, fat marks treatment, also uses for repair the damage of eyebrow arching, floating lips, nose reshaping, washing eyebrow, eye liner cutting, etc. Besides it uses for wound healing of burn, abrasion, scald, hurt, etc.
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