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Marfi Series Facemask Liquid
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Marfi Series Facemask Liquid 1. Marfi 600 EGF Repair Mask Liquid 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】 Nutritive Medium:EGF Peptide Cloth Mask:Special cloth mask for Marfi 【EFFICACY】Help fibroblast growth, repair damage tissue. 【STATE】Colorless transparent liquid(Nutritive Medium) 【APPLICATION】Applies to the dermis damage skin. 2. Marfi 510 Repair Mask LiquidⅠ 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】 Nutritive Medium:EGF. pH buffering regulator. Stabilizers. Preservative. Trehalose. Low molecular hyaluronic acid Cloth Mask:Special cloth mask for Marfi 【EFFICACY】Effect on epidermal cells and epithelial cell growth, division and metabolism. Improving the micro-environment for cell growth. 【STATE】Colorless transparent liquid(Nutritive Medium) 【APPLICATION】Applicable to all types of skin repair when damaged. 3. Marfi 533 Repair Mask Liquid Ⅱ 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】 Nutritive Medium:AFGF. pH buffering regulator. Factor stabilizer. Factor protective agent. Trehalose. Low molecular hyaluronic acid Cloth Mask:Special cloth mask for Marfi 【EFFICACY】To promote fibroblast growth, repair tissue damage and promote the re-synthesis of collagen. 【STATE】Colorless transparent liquid(Nutritive Medium) 【APPLICATION】Applicable to skin repair, when surface or depth damage. 4. Marfi 111 Moisturing & Repair Mask Liquid 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】 Nutritive Medium:Collagen hydrolysates. Seaweed extracts. Hyaluronic acid. Propylene glycol. Allantoin Cloth Mask:Special cloth mask for Marfi 【EFFICACY】To supply nutrients. To promote skin repair. Maintenance and repair cell membrane damaged. To add moisture, improve skin clarity. 【STATE】Milky white emulsion. A white sediment after long-term placement, is a normal phenomenon, can be used after shaking.(Nutritive Medium) 【APPLICATION】Applicable to various types of skin. Recommendations of usage as follows and pay attention to the attentions. 【USAGE】 Preparation, the cloth mask immerse in the nutritive medium, make the mask to absorb the nutritives completely. First cleaning with Archa CC700 and rinsing with warm water, so that pores fully open. Then do the facial mask (try to keep a relaxed expression). To peel off the mask in 10-15 minutes, Tapping with fingers, so that the nutrients can be completely absorbed. At last, any further dressing is recommended. 【ATTENTION】 ⑴ This information must on no account be used as a substitute in necessary prior tests which alone can ensure that a product is suitable in a given use. ⑵ Not suitable for using deep cleansing mask every day. Otherwise it would be over-dried skin and had premature aging problem. No more than 3 times per week is recommended. ⑶ The proposed time for doing a mask is 10-15 minutes, special mask can be extended to 30 minutes. Longer time easily leads to dehydration and dystrophy to skin.
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