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Sicimy Series Skincare Spray Liquid
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Sicimy Series Skincare Spray Liquid 1. RV5300 Sicimy Repair Spray LiquidⅠ 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】EGF. pH buffering regulator. Factor stabilizer. Factor protective agent. Trehalose. Low molecular hyaluronic acid 【EFFICACY】Effect on epidermal cells and epithelial cell growth, division and metabolism. Improving the micro-environment for cell growth. 【PREPARATION】Aerosol Spray 【APPLICATION】 ⑴ Applicable to all types of skin repair when damaged. ⑵ Apply to the Repair of skin redness, peeling, thin, sensitive symptoms, which caused by sunlight, bad cosmetics, environmental pollution and so on ⑶ Applicable to the repair of skin sensitive, redness and other symptoms, which due to seasonal changes, climate change, food, etc. ⑷ Apply to the repair of skin sallow, bleak and other symptoms, which due to work and life stress. 2. RV5700 Sicimy Repair Spray Liquid Ⅱ 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】 AFGF. pH buffering regulator. Factor stabilizer. Factor protective agent. Trehalose. Low molecular hyaluronic acid 【EFFICACY】To promote fibroblast growth, repair tissue damage and promote the re-synthesis of collagen. 【PREPARATION】Aerosol Spray 【APPLICATION】 ⑴ Applicable to skin repair, when surface or depth damage. ⑵ Used to repair damage surface, after plastic surgery (such as eyebrow arching, floating lips, nose reshaping, washing eyebrow, eye liner cutting, etc). ⑶ For repair of skin redness and other symptoms, after depth skin despeckle or skin rejuvenation. ⑷ Apply to healing and repair the injury, when burn, abrasion, scald, hurt, etc. ⑸ Apply to repair the damage of uneven surface, when anti-acne, pigmentation and so on. 3. AG3300 Sicimy Allergy Treatment Spray Liquid 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】AFGF、EGF. pH buffering regulator. Stabilizers. Preservative. Trehalose. Oligomeric anthocyanin . Low molecular hyaluronic acid 【EFFICACY】Repair tissue, repair damage the skin. Protect skin cells to form a breathable protective layer. Isolating radical oxidation destruction of the outside world. Improve microcirculation and improve blood vessel elasticity. Improve skin of antimicrobial capacity. Anti-itching faded red, relieve skin allergies. 【PREPARATION】Aerosol Spray 【APPLICATION】Apply to the sensitive skin and skin of poor environmental tolerance. This products is the first care products for senstive skin. 4. FB6000 Sicimy Elastic Spray Liquid 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】Hyaluronic acid. Oat extracts. Caffeine. Collagen protein 【EFFICACY】To strengthen the skin moisturizing, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Forming a natural protective film on the skin surface, while compact and increase flexibility. 【PREPARATION】Aerosol Spray 【APPLICATION】For aging skin and metabolic disorders skin. 5. VB2600 Sicimy Whitening Spray Liquid 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C. Whitening additives. Skullcap extracts. Glycerin. Mannitol 【EFFICACY】Repair tissue, repair skin damage. Inhibit pigmentation due to the formation of lipid peroxidation. Blocking melanin production, and delay skin aging caused by external factors. Reducing dark complexion, pigmentation, fine lines and other symptoms. 【PREPARATION】Aerosol Spray 【APPLICATION】Apply to dim skin or slightly premature aging skin. 6. Marfi600 Sicimy EGF Spray Liquid 【BRAND】Ami.Amen 【INGREDIENT】EGF Peptide 【EFFICACY】Help fibroblast growth, repair damage tissue. 【PREPARATION】Aerosol Spray 【APPLICATION】Applies to the dermis damage skin. Recommendations of usage as follows and pay attention to the attentions. 【USAGE】 ◆ First cleaning with Archa CC700. Drying with dry paper. Then a small amount of spray, gently tapping with fingers, repeat again. To smear other cosmetics at last. ◆ For remakeup, first cover the color cosmetics with paper, evenly spray, drying with cleansing paper, and remakeup. By this way, you can have a satisfied remakeup. 【ATTENTION】 ⑴ This information must on no account be used as a substitute in necessary prior tests which alone can ensure that a product is suitable in a given use. ⑵ Before use, make sure that the product state of normal; using, to avoid pollution, beware of active ingredients damage, which may caused by disinfectants and so on. ⑶ Non all-nighters, a balanced diet, happy every day.
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